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2010 American Control Conference -- ACC2010
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
June 30 - July 2, 2010

Session Best Papers


1 Session Number Best Paper Title Authors
2 WeA01 WeA01.5 Control Model For Robotic Samara: Dynamics about a Coordinated Helical Turn (I) Evan Ulrich, Imraan Faruque, Jared Grauer, Darryll J. Pines, J. Sean Humbert, James Hubbard
3 WeA02 WeA02.2 Collective Behavior of Fish Shoals in One-Dimensional Annular Domains Nicole Abaid, Maurizio Porfiri
4 WeA04 WeA04.4 Robust Non-Zenoness of Piecewise Analytic Systems with Applications to Complementarity Systems Jinglai Shen
5 WeA05 WeA05.4 Trajectory Based Small Gain Theorems for Parameterized Systems (I) Romain Postoyan, Dragan Nesic
6 WeA06 WeA06.2 Passivity-Based Output Synchronization of Networked Euler-Lagrange Systems Subject to Nonholonomic Constraints Han Yu, Panos J. Antsaklis
7 WeA07 WeA07.2 Input-To-Sate Stabiilizability of Quantized Linear Control Systems under Feedback Dropouts Qiang Ling, Michael Lemmon
8 WeA08 WeA08.4 Control and Estimation through Cognitive Radio with Distributed and Dynamic Spectral Activity Xiao Ma, Seddik M. Djouadi, Teja Kurugunti, James Nutaro, Husheng Li
9 WeA09 WeA09.4 Linf-Gain Controller Order Reduction for Discrete-Time Systems Oussama Ajala, Simone Schuler, Frank Allgower
10 WeA10 WeA10.3 Mult-Objective Minimum Entropy Controller Design for Stochastic Processes Puya Ghasemi Afshar, Amin Nobakhti, Hong Wang, Tianyou Chai
11 WeA11 WeA11.3 A Video Game for Teaching Dynamic Systems & Control to Mechanical Engineering Undergraduates Brianno Coller
12 WeA12 WeA12.6 Monitoring and Fault-Tolerant Control of Distributed Power Generation: Application to Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (I) Yulei Sun, Sathyendra Ghantasala, Nael H. El-Farra
13 WeA13 WeA13.4 Polytopic Linear Parameter-Varying Model of Epileptiform Activity Tingting Lu, Ji-Woong Lee
14 WeA14 WeA14.3 Pattern Classification in Symbolic Streams Via Semantic Annihilation of Information Ishanu Chattopadhyay, yicheng wen, Asok Ray
15 WeA15 WeA15.6 Tracking Performance Analysis of a Distributed Recoverable Boeing 747 Flight Control System Subject to Digital Upsets W.Steven Gray, Rui Wang, Oscar R.González, Jorge R.Chávez-Fuentes
16 WeA16 WeA16.2 Optimal Transmitters for Control Over a Noisy Link with Imperfect Feedback Peter Breun, Wolfgang Utschick
17 WeA17 WeA17.5 Peak-Seeking Control Using Gradient and Hessian Estimates John Ryan, Jason L. Speyer
18 WeA18 WeA18.3 Modeling and Analysis of Weight Driven Mechanical Tower Clock John R. Wagner, Cecil Huey, Katie Knaub, Eugene Volk, Amit Jagarwal
19 WeA19 WeA19.3 Multirate Closed-Loop System Identification of a Variable Valve Timing Actuator for an Internal Combustion Engine (I) Zhen Ren, Guoming Zhu
20 WeA20 WeA20.3 Improvements in Terrain-Based Road Vehicle Localization by Initializing an Unscented Kalman Filter Using Particle Filters Adam Dean, Jack W. Langelaan, Sean Brennan
21 WeA21 WeA21.2 Multi-Objective Nonlinear Control of Semiactive and Regenerative Systems Jeff Scruggs
24 WeB02 WeB02.2 Multiagent Coordination Exploiting System Symmetries Bill Goodwine, Panos J. Antsaklis
25 WeB03 WeB03.3 L1 Adaptive Controller for Multi-Input Multi-Output Systems in the Presence of Nonlinear Unmatched Uncertainties Enric Xargay, Naira Hovakimyan, Chengyu Cao
26 WeB04 WeB04.4 On Stability Characterization of Discrete-Time Piecewise Linear Systems Sanam Mirzazad Barijough, Ji-Woong Lee
27 WeB06 WeB06.1 Variable Gains Super-Twisting Algorithm: A Lyapunov Based Design Israel Alejandro Davila Merida, Jaime A. Moreno, Leonid M. Fridman
28 WeB07 WeB07.1 Control of Quantized Multi-Agent Systems with Linear Nearest Neighbor Rules: A Finite Field Approach (I) Shreyas Sundaram, Christoforos Hadjicostis
29 WeB08 WeB08.5 A Study of Near-Field Direct Antenna Modulation Systems Using Convex Optimization Javad Lavaei, Aydin Babakhani, Ali Hajimiri, John C. Doyle
30 WeB09 WeB09.2 Computation of the (J, J ) - Spectral and (J, J ) - Lossless Factorizations of a General System Cristian Oara,Raluca Andrei
31 WeB14 WeB14.5 A Decoupled Inversion-Based Iterative Control Approach to Multi-Axis Precision Positioning: 3-D Nanopositioning Example (I) Yan Yan, Haiming Wang, Qingze Zou
32 WeB15 WeB15.4 The Zermelo-Voronoi Diagram: A Dynamic Partition Problem Efstathies Bakolas, Panagiotis Tsiotras GM R&D
33 WeB17 WeB17.5 A Discrete Nonlinear Filter for Fast Sampled Problems Based on Vector Quantization Mauricio Cea, Graham C. Goodwin, Arie Feuer
34 WeB18 WeB18.3 Predictor-Based Control for an Uncertain Euler-Lagrange System with Input Delay Nitin Sharma, Shubhendu Bhasin, Qiang Wang, Warren E. Dixon
35 WeB19 WeB19.5 Air Charge Control for Turbocharged Spark Ignition Engines with Internal Exhaust Gas Recirculation (I) Donghoon Lee, Li Jiang, Anna G. Stefanopoulou, Hakan Yilmaz
36 WeB20 WeB20.2 Predictive Control of Vehicle Roll Dynamics with Rear Wheel Steering (I) Craig Beal, J. Christian Gerdes
37 WeB21 WeB21.6 On the Stability Analysis and Modeling of a Multirate Control Direct-Drive Machine Tool Axis Subject to Large Changes in Load Dynamics Michael A. Stephens, Chris Manzie, Malcolm C. Good
38 WeB22 WeB22.4 Nonlinear Distributed Dynamic Optimization Based on First Order Sensitivities (I) Holger Scheu, Jan Busch, Wolfgang Marquardt
41 WeC01 WeC01.6 Agent Capability in Persistent Mission Planning Using Approximate Dynamic Programming Brette Brett, Joshua Redding, Jonathan P. How, John L Vian
42 WeC05 WeC05.5 Odd-Harmonic Repetitive Control of an Active Filter under Varying Network Frequency: A Small-Gain Theorem-Based Stability Analysis Josep M. Olm, German Andres Ramos, Ramon Costa-Castello, Rafael Cardoner
43 WeC08 WeC08.4 Elimination of Limit Cycles in Wireless Communication Networks Using Three-Level Comparators Kian Jalaleddini, Amir G. Aghdam
44 WeC09 WeC09.4 Towards Automated Loop-Shaping in Controller Parameter Space Irmak Aladagli, A.J. Den Hamer, Maarten Steinbuch, Georgo Angelis
45 WeC11 Wec11.6 Nonlinear Modeling of Butterfly Valves and Flow Rate Control Using the Circle Criterion Bode Plot Jd. Taylor, Bruno Sinopoli, William Messner
46 WeC14 WeC14.5 Iterative Learning Air-Fuel Ratio Control with Adaptation in Spark Ignition Engines Denis Efimov, Hossein Javaherian, Viadimir O. Nikiforov
47 WeC17 Wec17.6 A Hybrid Algorithm for Finite Time Parameter Estimation Mathew Hartman, Nicolas William Bauer, Andrew R. Teel
48 WeC18 WeC18.3 Robust and LPV Control of an AMB System Jasper Witte, Harimohan Navin Balini, Kumar, Carsten W. Scherer
49 WeC19 WeC19.1 Discrete-Time Cross-Term Forwarding Design of Robust Controllers for HCCI Engines Chia-Jui Chiang, Chia-Jul Chiang, Chun-Chuan Huang, Mrdjan Jankovic
50 WeC20 WeC20.6 Model Predictive Traffic Control to Reduce Vehicular Emissions - an LPV-Based Approach (I) Solomon Kidane Zegeye, Bart De Schutter, Hans Hellendoorn
51 WeC21 WeC21.2 Dynamics and Zero Vibration Input Shaping Control of a Small-Scale Boom Crane (I) Ehsan Maleki, William Singhose
52 WeC22 WeC22.4 Partial Compensation of Large Scale Discrete Systems Nicholas Allen Baine, Terry Kolakowski, Julie Lee, Pradeep Misra
55 ThA01 ThA01.1 Steady-State Distributions for Human Decisions in Two-Alternative Choice Tasks (I) Andrew Reed Stewart, Ming Cao, Naomi Ehrich Leonard
56 ThA02 ThA02.2 Spatial Statistics and Distributed Estimation by Robotic Sensor Networks Rishi Graham, Jorge Cortes
57 ThA03 ThA03.6 A Q-Modification Neuroadaptive Control Architecture for Discrete-Time Systems Kostyantyn Volyanskyy, Wassim M. Haddad
58 ThA04 ThA04.5 Quadratic Optimization for Controller Initialization in Multivariable Switching Systems Farshad R. Pour Safaei, Joao P. Hespanha, Greg E Stewart
59 ThA05 ThA05.6 A Sliding Mode Control for a Wound Rotor Synchronous Generator with an Isolated RL Load Raúl Santiago Muñoz-Aguilar, Arnau Dòria-Cerezo, Enric Fossas
60 ThA06 ThA06.4 Absolute Stability of Coupled Dissipative Parabolic Equations with Wave-Speed Mistuning Gregory Hagen
61 ThA07 ThA07.2 Black-Box Identification of Discrete Event Systems with Optimal Partitioning of Concurrent Subsystems Matthias Roth, Jean-jacques Lesage, Lothar Litz
62 ThA08 ThA08.5 Loop-Shaping Controller Design with the RBode Plot for Hard Disk Drives Takenori Atsumi, William Messner
63 ThA09 ThA09.1 Global Stability for Systems with Nested Backlash and Saturation Operators Sophie Tarbouriech, Christophe Prieur, Isabelle Queinnec, Talia Simoes dos Santos
64 ThA10 ThA10.5 Model Reduction of Homogeneous-In-The-State Bilinear Systems with Input Constraints Ian Couchman, Eric C. Kerrigan, Christoph Bohm
65 ThA11 ThA11.3 Discrimination and Tracking of Individual Agents in a Swarm of Robots Gregory Fricke, Devendra P. Garg
66 ThA13 ThA13.2 Stable Teleoperation with Communication Unreliabilities and Partial Human/Environment Knowledge Iason Vittorias, Sandra Hirche
67 ThA14 ThA14.6 Monitoring and Handling of Actuator Faults in a Distributed Model Predictive Control System David Chilin, Jinfeng Liu, David Munoz de la Pena, Panagiotis D. Christofides, James F. Davis
68 ThA15 ThA15.6 Distributed Finite-Time Containment Control for Multiple Lagrangian Systems Ziyang Meng, Wei Ren, Zheng You
69 ThA16 ThA16.4 Curvature Based Cooperative Exploration of Three Dimensional Scalar Fields Wu Wencen, Fumin Zhang
70 ThA17 ThA17.6 Finite-Time Parameter Identification Via High-Order Sliding Mode Observer Jorge Angel Davila Montoya,Michael V.Basin,Leonid M.Fridman
71 ThA18 ThA18.6 Model-Based Control of Slugging Flow: An Experimental Case Study Florent Di Meglio, Glenn-Ole Kaasa, Nicolas Petit, Vldar Alstad
72 ThA19 ThA19.2 Dynamic Exhaust Oxygen Based Biodiesel Blend Estimation with an Extended Kalman Filter (I) David Snyder, Gayatri Adi, Michael Bunce, Carrie Hall, Gregory M. Shaver
73 ThA20 ThA20.1 On the Transfer Time Complexity of Cooperative Vehicle Routing (I) Kevin Spleser, Dimos V. Dimarogonas, Emilio Frazzoli
74 ThA21 ThA21.1 Robust Gain-Scheduled Control Brandon Hencey, Andrew G. Alleyne
75 ThA22 ThA22.4 An Integrated Approach to Occupancy Modeling and Estimation in Commercial Buildings (I) Chenda Liao, Prabi Barooah
78 ThB01 ThB01.1 Sequential and Iterative Architectures for Distributed Model Predictive Control of Nonlinear Process Systems. Part I: Theory Jinfeng Liu, Xianzhong Chen, David Munoz de la Pena, Panagiotis D. Christofides
79 ThB02 ThB02.6 Limits on the Network Sensitivity Function for Homogeneous Multi-Agent Systems on a Graph Stefania Tonetti, Richard M Murray
80 ThB04 ThB04.4 Robust State Feedback Stabilization of Uncertain Switched Linear Systems Subject to Actuator Saturation Xinquan Zhang, Jun Zhao, Georgi M Dimirovski, Ruicheng Ma
81 ThB05 ThB05.3 Piecewise Affine Modeling and Control of a Step-Up DC-DC Converter Stefan Almer, Sebastien Mariethoz, Manfred Morari
82 ThB06 ThB06.2 Preventing Transition to Turbulence Using Streamwise Travelling Waves: Theoretical Analysis Rashad Moarref, Mihailo Jovanovic
83 ThB07 ThB07.1 Polynomial Time Verification of Decentralized Diagnosability of Discrete Event Systems Marcos Vicente Moreira, Thiago Cerqueira Jesus, Joao Carlos Basilio
84 ThB08 ThB08.2 A Gyroscope Control System for Unknown Proof Mass and Interface Circuit Errors Chien-Yu Chi, Tsung-Lin Chen
85 ThB10 ThB10.5 Symbolic Dynamics of Wavelet Images for Pattern Identification Xin Jin, Shalabh Gupta, Kushal Mukherjee, Asok Ray
86 ThB11 ThB11.1 Experimental Evaluation of Robust-Control-Relevance: A Confrontation with a Next-Generation Wafer Stage Robbert van Herpen, Tom Oomen, Marc van de Wal, Okko H. Bosgra
87 ThB14 ThB14.1 Active Sensor Configuration Validation for Refrigeration Systems Tobias Gybel Hovgaard, Mogens Blanke, Henrik Niemann, Roozbeh Izadi-Zamanabadi
88 ThB16 ThB16.6 Rate Limited Reference Governor for Network Controlled Systems (I) Stefano Di Cairano, Ilya V. Kolmanovsky
89 ThB18 ThB18.6 Valve Stiction Modeling: First-Principles vs Data-Drive Approaches Qinghua He, Jin Wang
90 ThB19 ThB19.3 Modeling and Control of Exhaust Recompression HCCI Using Split Injection (I) Nikhil Ravi, Hsien-Hsin Liao, Adam Jungkunz, J.Christian Gerdes
91 ThB21 ThB21.5 State-Space Realization of LPV Input-Output Models: Practical Methods for the User (I) Hossam Seddik Abbas, Roland Toth, Herbert Werner
92 ThB22 ThB22.1 Efficient Computation of a Guaranteed Stability Domain for a High-Order Parameter Dependent Plant Clement Roos, Jean-Marc Biannie
95 ThC01 ThC01.3 Distributed Hierarchical MPC for Conflict Resolution in Air Traffic Control (I) Georgios Chaloulos Peter Hokayem, John Lygeros
96 ThC02 ThC02.4 Distributed Consensus-Based Bayesian Estimation: Sufficient Conditions for Performance Characterization Damiano Varagnolo, Gianluigi Pillonettom Luca Schenato
97 ThC03 ThC03.3 Cumulative Retrospective Cost Adaptive Control with RLS-Based Optimization Jesse B. Hoagg, Dennis S. Bemstein
98 ThC04 ThC04.6 L2-Induced Gain Analysis of Switched Linear Systems Via Finitely Parametrized Storage Functions Kenji Hirata, Joao P. Hespanha
99 ThC05 ThC05.5 Controlling Chaos in El Nino Douglas G. MacMynowski
100 ThC06 ThC06.3 Linear and Quadratic Programming Formulations of Data Assimilation or Data Reconciliation Problems for a Class of Hamilton-Jacobi Equations (I) Christian Claudel, Alexandre M. Bayen
101 ThC08 ThC08.5 Nonlinear Modeling and Control of a Coupled Variable Fluidic Resistance and Squeeze Pump for Pressure Regulation in Microfluidics YongTae Kim, Philip LeDuc, William Messner
102 ThC09 ThC09.5 Synthesis of Output Feedback Controllers for a Class of Nonlinear Parameter-Varying Discrete-Time Systems Subject to Actuator Eugenio B. Castelan, Valter J.S.Leite, Marcio Fantini Miranda, Vitor Mateus Moraes
103 ThC10 ThC10.5 Circular Periodic Motion Generation for Mobile Robots Using Limit Cycle Systems Naoyuki Hara, Hideki Kokame, Keiji Konishi
104 ThC11 ThC11.1 Modeling and Control of Cyclic Systems in Xerography ShiNung Ching, Yongsoon Eun, Eric Gross, Eric S. Hamby, Pierre T. Kabamba, Semyon M. Meerkov, Amor A. Menezes
105 ThC12 ThC12.6 Robust Control Design for Frequency Regulation in Power Systems with High Wind Penetration Juhua Liu, Bruce H. Krogh, Marjia Ilic
106 ThC13 ThC13.5 Online Nonlinear Identification of the Effect of Drugs in Anaesthesia Using a Minimal Parameterization and BIS Measurements Margarida Matrins da Silva, Teresa Mendonca, Torbjom Wigren
107 ThC14 ThC14.6 Robust Characteristic-Based MPC of a Fixed-Bed Reactor Leily Mohammadi Sardroud, Stevan Dubljevic, J.Fraser Forbes
108 ThC15 ThC15.4 MAV Stability Augmentation Using Weighted Outputs from Distributed Hair Sensor Arrays Jishnu Keshavan, J.Sean Humbert
109 ThC17 ThC17.1 Semiparametric Identification of Wiener Systems Using a Single Harmonic Input and Retrospective Cost Optimization Anthony D'Amato, Bruno Otavio Soares, Dennis S. Bernstein
110 ThC19 ThC19.2 A Nonlinear Estimator Concept for Active Vehicle Suspension Control Guido Koch, Tobias Kloiber, Enrico Pellegrini, Boris Lohmann
111 ThC20 ThC20.4 Design and Field Testing of a Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control System Fanping Bu, Han-Shue Tan, Jihua Huang
112 ThC21 ThC21.5 LPV Gain-Scheduling Control of an Electromechanically Driven Landing Gear for a Commercial Aircraft (I) Hauke Peer L, Hossam Seddik Abbas, Dennis Doberstein, Frank Thielecke, Herbert Werner
113 ThC22 ThC22.3 Mixed LMI/Randomized Methods for Static Output Feedback Control Design Denis Arzelier, Elena Gryazina, Dimitri Peaucelle, Boris T. Polyak
116 FrA01 FrA01.2 Low-Complexity Polynomial Approximation of Explicit MPC Via Linear Programming Michal Kvasnica, Johan Lofberg, Martin Herceg, Lubos Cirka, Mireslav Fikar
117 FrA05 FrA05.6 Convex Nondifferentiable Stochastic Optimization: A Local Randomized Smoothing Technique Farzad Yousefian, Angelia Nedich, Uday V. Shanbhag
118 FrA06 FrA06.3 Sensitivities and Functional Gains for a Flexible Aircraft-Inspired Model Animesh Chakravarthy, Katie Evans, Johnny Evers
119 FrA07 FrA07.3 H-Infinity Neural Network Adaptive Control Jonathan Muse, Anthony J. Calise
120 FrA08 FrA08.1 Design, Characterization, and Control of a Monolithic Three-Axis High-Bandwidth Nanopositioning Stage Brian J Kenton, Kam K. Leang
121 FrA09 FrA09.5 Advanced Clustering with Frequency Sweeping (ACFS) Methodology for the Stability Analysis of Multiple Time-Delay Systems Ismil Ilker Delice, Rifat Sipahi
122 FrA10 FrA10.5 Cell Equalization in Battery Stacks through State of Charge Estimation Polling Cermelo Speltino, Anna G. Stefanopoulou, Giovanni Fiengo
123 FrA11 FrA11.2 Engineering Perspective of Ecological Sign Stability and Its Application in Control Design Nagini Devarakonda, Rama K. Yedavalli
124 FrA12 FrA12.2 Energy Efficient Building Climate Control Using Stochastic Model Predictive Control and Weather Predictions Frauke Oldewurtel, Alessandra Parisio, Colin Neil Jones, Manfred Morari, Dimitrios Gyalistras, Markus Gwerder, Vanessa Stauch, Beat Lehmann, Katharina Wirth
125 FrA13 FrA13.3 Designing Experiments from Noisy Metabolomics Data to Refine Constraint-Based Models Laurence Yang, Radhakrishnan Mahadevan, William R. Cluett
126 FrA14 FrA14.4 State Admissible Sets for Discrete Systems under Delay Constraints Warody Lombardi, Anamaria Luca, Sorin Olaru, Silviu-lulian Niculescu
127 FrA17 FrA17.4 On the Observer Design through Output Scaling in Discrete-Time Claudia Califano, Salvatore Monaco, Marie-Dorothee Normand-Cyrot
128 FrA18 FrA18.2 A Feature Based Solution to Forward Problem in Electrical Capacitance Tomography Mohamed A. Abdeirahman, Ankush Gupta, Waei Deabes
129 FrA19 FrA19.4 Active Steering Control Based on Piecewise Affine Regions Stefano Scalzi, Andre Benine-Neto, Mariana Netto, William Pasillas-Lepine, Said Mammar
130 FrA20 FrA20.1 On the Existence and Synthesis of Curvature-Bounded Paths Inside Nonuniform Rectangular Channels Raghvendra Cowlagi, Panagiotis Tsiotras
131 FrA21 FrA21.3 Sensor-Only Fault Detection Using Pseudo-Transfer-Function Identification Adam Brzezinski, Sunil L. Kukreja, Jun Ni, Dennis S. Bernstein
132 FrA22 FrA22.1 Dilated LMI Conditions for the Robust Analysis of Uncertain Parameter-Dependent Descriptor Systems G. Luliana Bara
134 FrB01 FrB01.4 Output Feedback Predictive Controller for a Class of Nonlinear Systems Salim Hadj Said, Faouzi M'sahli
135 FrB02 FrB02.6 Vision-Based Avoidance of Obstacles with Unknown Constant Velocity Lili Ma
136 FrB03 FrB03.6 Equilibrium-Independent Passivity: A New Definition and Implications George Hines, Murat Arcak, Andrew K. Packard
137 FrB04 FrB04.2 Internal Quadratic Invariance and Decentralized Control Laurent Lessard, Sanjay Lall
138 FrB05 FrB05.6 Virtual Motion Camouflage Based Phantom Track Generation through Cooperative Electronic Combat Air Vehicles Yunjun Xu, Gareth Basset
139 FrB06 FrB06.2 Fault-Tolerant Control of Sampled-Data Nonlinear Distributed Parameter Systems Sathyendra Ghantasala, Nael H. El-Farra
140 FrB07 FrB07.6 Multiscale Surveillance of Riemannian Manifolds Henry Jacobs, Sujit Nair, Jerrold E. Marsden
141 FrB08 FrB08.6 Optimal Output Trajectory Design and Tracking in Preview-Based Nonperiodic Tracking-Transition Switching for Nonminimum-Phase Linear Systems Haiming Wang, Qingze, Zou, Hongbing Xu
142 FrB09 FrB09.2 Simple Delay-Based Implementation of Continuous-Time Controllers Javad Lavaei, Somayeh Sojoudi, Richard M. Murray
143 FrB10 FrB10.3 Charge Trajectory Optimization of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles for Energy Cost Reduction and Battery Health Enhancement Saeid Bashash, Scott Moura, Hosam K. Fathy
144 FrB11 FrB11.5 An Extended Kalman Filter for Ammonia Coverage Ratio and Capacity Estimations in the Application of Diesel Engine SCR Control and Onboard Diagnosis Ming Feng Hsieh, Junmin Wang
145 FrB12 FrB12.5 Microclimate Modeling and Control: A Multizone Approach Andrés Cortés, Nicanor Quijano
146 FrB13 FrB13.3 Compositional Analysis of Autocatalytic Networks in Biology Gentian Buzi, Ufuk Topcu, John C. Doyle
147 FrB14 FrB14.2 Incorporation of Robustness Properties into the Observer Based Anti-Windup Scheme in the Case of Actuator Uncertainties Martin Bruckner, Luigi Del Re
148 FrB15 FrB15.4 Extraction of Relative Proximity from Electrostatic Images Using Wide-Field Integration Methods Kedar Dimble, James M. Faddy, Sean J. Humbert
149 FrB16 FrB16.4 Time and Output Warping of Control Systems: Comparing and Imitating Motions Peter Kingston, Magnus Egerstadt
150 FrB17 FrB17.5 The Bounded Jacobian Approach to Nonlinear Observer Design Gridsada Phanomchoeng, Rajesh Rajamani
151 FrB18 FrB18.6 Chatter Control in the High-Speed Milling Process Using μ -Synthesis Niels van Dijk, Nathan Van De Wouw, E.J.J. Doppenberg, Han Oosterling, Hendrik Nijmeijer
152 FrB19 FrB19.4 Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control, Design and Experiments Gerrit Naus, René Vugts, Jeroen Ploeg, René van de Graft, Maarten Steinbuch
153 FrB20 FrB20.3 A Practical Path-Planning Algorithm for a Simple Car: A Hamilton-Jacobi Approach Ryo Takei, Yen His Richard Tsai, Haochong Shen, Yanina Landa
154 FrB21 FrB21.1 Performance Analysis of Fault Tolerant Control Systems with I.I.D. Upsets Jorge R. Chávez-Fuentes, Oscar R. González, W. Steven Gray
157 FrC01 FrC01.1 Robust Model Predictive Control with Disturbance Invariant Sets Shuyou Yu, Christoph Bohm, Hong Chen, Frank Allgower
158 FrC02 FrC02.2 Gossip Consensus and Averaging Algorithms with Quantization Kai Cai, Hideaki Ishii
159 FrC03 FrC03.1 Online Solution of State Dependent Riccati Equation for Nonlinear System Stabilization Tansel Yucelen, Arjun Shekar Sadahalli, Farzad Pourboghrat
160 FrC05 FrC05.5 A Coverage Algorithm for Drifters in a River Environment Andrew Kwok, Sonia Martinez
161 FrC06 FrC06.6 Fuzzy Control of Delayed Systems: Less Conservative Convex Conditions Dimitri Campos Viana, Valter J.S. Leite, Marcio Fantini Miranda
162 FrC07 FrC07.2 On UAV Routing Protocols for Sparse Sensor Data Exfiltration Daniel J. Klein, Johann Josef Schweikl, Jason T. Isaacs, Joao P. Hespanha
163 FrC08 FrC08.2 Control of Systems with Hysteresis Via Servocompensation and Its Application to Nanopositioning Alexander Esbrook, Matt Guibord, Xiaobo Tan, Hassan K. Khalil
164 FrC09 FrC09.5 Passivity-Based Model Reference Robust Control for a Class of Nonlinear Systems with Input and State Measurement Delays Erick J. Rodríguez-Seda, Pedro Omar López-Montesinos, Dusan M. Stipanovic, Mark W. Spong
165 FrC10FrC10 FrC10.6 Control of a PEM Fuel Cell Based on a Distributed Model Michael Mangold
166 FrC11 FrC11.3 Control of Two Contact Point Sheet Registration Devices for Xerographic Printers Martin Krucinski
167 FrC12 FrC12.6 Comparison between Two Set Membership Methods for Frequency Domain System Identification Using Fractional Models Firas Khemane, Rachid Malti, Xavier Moreau, Tarek RaÏssi, Magalie Thomassin
168 FrC13 FrC13.6 Stabilization of Two-Species Chemostats with Delayed Measurements and Haldane Growth Functions Frederic Mazenc, Michael Malisoff
169 FrC14 FrC14.2 Scheduled Static Anti-Windup Augmentation Synthesis for Open-Loop Stable Plants Solmaz Sajjadi-Kia, Faryar Jabbari
170 FrC15 FrC15.6 Receding Horizon Stochastic Control Algorithms for Sensor Management David A. Castanon, Darin Hitchings
171 FrC16 FrC16.6 H-Inf Control for Distributed Multi-Agent Formation Systems with Toeplitz-Based Consensus Algorithms Huang Huang, Qinghe Wu
172 FrC17 FrC17.2 Estimation of Load Side Position in Indirect Drive Robots by Sensor Fusion and Kalman Filtering Wenjie Chen, Masayoshi Tomizuka
173 FrC19 FrC19.5 Position Control of a 6x6 ATV Using a MIMO Fuzzy Controller Ryan Gariepy, Steven L. Waslander
174 FrC20 FrC20.4 A Bank of Maximum a Posteriori Estimators for Single-Sensor Range-Only Target Tracking Guoquan Huang, Ke Zhou, Nikolas Trawny, Stergios Roumeliotis
175 FrC22 FrC22.4 Approximate SEM Identification of Polynomial Input-Output Models Marcello Farina, Luigi Piroddi